Graviner, CMR, Power Genex, Rivertrace Engineering, PR Electronics, CS Marine, CRE Technology, Martek Marine, Solarglide and Kentec

Products and Equipment

Ocean Automation Solutions carry a wide range of instrumentation and electrical equipment in stock for immediate delivery. This includes Graviner Oil Mist Detectors, 15ppm Bilge Alarm Monitors, MMC/UTI Gauging Units, Pressure/Level/Flow Transmitters and Controllers, Valve Positioners, Fire Alarm Systems, BNWAS Systems, Gas Detection Systems and Portable Gas Detectors, Signal Converters, Isolators / ATEX Equipment, Recorders, PLC's, Calibration Gas, VAF Instruments Digital Alarm Annunciators (Signum 10), VAF Instruments Analog Alarm Annunciators (Alpha 8).

In addition to the above items, we are agents and/or stockists of equipment from the following manufacturer's:-

Power Genex

Power Genex - Valve Automation

Power Genex (Formerly known as Daehan Control Technology) manufactures and supplies Electro-Pneumatic Valve Positioners, Pneumatic-Pneumatic Valve Positioners, Smart Valve Positioners and various valve accessories such as limit switch boxes, position transmitters, air filter/regulators and air volume boosters under the brand name of Power-Genex. [Read More]
Tyco / Thorn SecurityThorn Security - T1008 T1016 Minerva Marine

Tyco / Thorn Security / Minerva Marine - Fire Alarm Systems

Ocean Automation Solutions are major stockists of Tyco (Thorn Security) conventional marine fire detection systems and ancillary equipment, including T1200 series control panels, weatherproof and indoor; optical smoke detectors, fixed / rate-of-rise heat detectors, manual call points, motorised bells, xenon beacons, sounders and 119dB combination beacon/sounder units.

We design, supply, install and commission complete fire alarm systems, supply spare parts and carry out the servicing and certification of all fire alarm systems, including the T1000 series intelligent marine fire controllers, T1008 - 8 Zone controller and the T1016 - 16 Zone Controller. [Read More]
Rivertrace Engineering Ltd

Rivertrace Engineering - Leaders in Oil in Water Monitoring

Rivertrace Engineering Ltd produce a range of products that meet and exceed the I.M.O. resolutions MEPC 107(49) and MEPC 108 (49) relating to water discharges from ships.
Ongoing development ensures Rivertrace products remain at the forefront of available technology and consistently push the boundaries of oil-in-water analysis. Rivertrace has the solution to your environmental monitoring needs. [Read More]
PR Electronics

PR Electronics - Signal Conditioning

The PR Electronics product range covers a wide variety of functions within signal conditioning such as displays, Ex barriers, field mounted Ex transmitters, frequency/pulse converters, trip amplifiers, isolation amplifiers, signal calculators, controllers, signal converters, power supplies, temperature transmitters, valve controllers, etc. [Read More]
MMC Tank Gauging

MMC - Portable UTI Tapes

MMC is the world's leading manufacturer of portable instruments for UTI measurement and bottom dryness in shipboard and land-based petroleum and chemical tank systems. [Read More]
Kidde Graviner Oil Mist Detection

Kidde / Graviner - Oil Mist Detection Systems

The "Graviner" Oil Mist Detector (OMD) is an acknowledged industry leader, fitted to countless ships worldwide. The OMD continuously monitors the density of oil mist in the crankcase of a diesel engine and will signal an alarm if the density exceeds a preset threshold. A build up of excessive oil mist, due to an engine fault such as an overheated bearing, could result in a crankcase explosion and at worst, loss of the vessel. [Read More]
Martek Marine

Martek-Marine - Gas Detection Systems, BNWAS Systems

Martek Marine Ltd are world leaders in the manufacture of safety and environmental emissions monitoring systems for the global marine industry. Martek Marine's products include BNWAS systems, Fixed Gas Detection Systems, Emissions Monitoring Systems, Marine Defibrillators and Water Ingress Detection Systems. [Read More]

Solarglide - Marine Blinds and Solar Screens

Solarglide Limited are market innovators in marine navigational safety products, supplying high quality products to the marine industry for over 10 years. Solarglide Limited's products include high performance bridge solar screens, window films, luxury blinds, window wipers and the Bridge Navigation Watch Alarm System (BNWAS). [Read More]
CMR Group

CMR Group - Automation and Control Systems

The CMR group (Contrôle Mesure Régulation) is based in Marseille, France. Since 1965, CMR has been providing temperature sensors, pressure transducers, alarm monitoring & control systems for engines, boilers, cargo systems and complete vessel alarm monitoring & control systems. [Read More]
CS Marine

CS Marine - Loading Calculators / Computers

CS Marine covers the complete field of design services from the very beginning of concept definition, feasibility studies all up to detail and production drawings. CS Marine also supplies project management along with site supervision services. [Read More]
CRE Technology

CRE - Generator Control Specialists

CRE technology worldwide distributor network provides high technical service to industrial, marine and offshore genset packagers, switchgear manufacturers, hydraulic integrators and engineering companies. [Read More]