Design and Engineering at Ocean Automation Solutions

Design and Engineering

Design and Engineering Services for the LNG, Marine and Offshore Industries

Ocean Automation Engineering Staff

Our design and engineering department designs systems and techniques to improve the operation and efficiency of our customers plants, machines and facilities.

Our team of Engineers and Designers utilise the latest computer aided design, drafting and system development tools. Using either relay based logic for simpler systems or smart relays such as Siemens Logo / Mitsubishi Alpha / Moeller Easy relays, we are able to carry out most modifications or upgrades quickly and in a cost effective manner. For more complex systems, we are able to supply/engineer Mitsubishi FX Series compact PLC's, Siemens S7-200, Siemens S7-300, Siemens S7-400 or any manufacturer's equipment as per the clients specification. Recent projects include the design and manufacture of the following systems:-

Project Management

Commissioning of Low Sulphur Diesel Oil Change-over PLC

We carry out projects for our customers including engineering design, equipment design, procurement, system configuration, control panel manufacturer, site installation, testing and commissioning.

We schedule and plan the contracted projects to suit our customers requirements. We are also able to build/assemble control panels to customer provided designs and/or specifications. Alternatively, we are able to provide junior and senior project management personnel to assist your project management team with engineering services.

High Expansion Foam Extinguishing System - Installed