Calibration Gas Suppliers in the Middle East and Far East

Ocean Automation Solutions carry a wide range of certified calibration gasses and flow regulators in stock in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and Singapore. In addition to being able to provide calilbration and certification services of fixed gas detection systems and portable gas detectors, we are able to supply calibration gas cylinders to our clients.

Calibration Gas Compositions

Calibration Gas that we typically stock, includes:-
17 Litre and 34 Litre Cylinders
  • 2.5% Methane 50% LEL balance in Air
  • 2.0% Methane 40% LEL balance in Air
  • H2S 25ppm balance in Nitrogen (Hydrogen Sulphide)
  • H2S 40ppm balance in Nitrogen (Hydrogen Sulphide)
  • 5% Oxygen balance in Nitrogen
  • Ethanol 223 ppm
  • CO 150 ppm (Carbon Monoxide)
  • 0.9% Isobutane (50% LEL)
  • 8% Butane VOL
  • 99% Nitrogen
  • Propane
  • Pentane 50% LEL
In addition to the above, we are able to offer specialised combination mixtures consisting of four or more gas types. An example of this would be (58 Litre Cylinder):-
  1. Hydrogen Sulphide 25 ppm
  2. Carbon Monoxide 100 ppm
  3. Methane 2.5% (50% LEL)
  4. Oxygen 18% or 20.9%
  5. Nitrogen - Balance
BW Combination Gas Composition
All Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS's) can be provided together with the calibration gas cylinders.
Calibration Gas - Kit

Portable Gas Detectors

In addition to stocking certified calibration gasses, we are able to offer a wide range of portable gas detectors manufactured by BW Technologies
BW Technologies - Gas Alert Micro           BW Technologies - Multi Gas Detector