Solarglide - High quality marine blinds and window films


Solarglide Limited are market innovators in marine navigational safety products, supplying high quality products to the marine industry for over 10 years. Solarglide Limited's products include high performance bridge solar screens, window films, luxury blinds, window wipers and the Bridge Navigation Watch Alarm System (BNWAS).


Solarglide Products

  • Solarglide anti-glare solar screens
  • Solar roller non cassetted solar screens
  • Astral window films
  • Dual 24 combined solar screen & blackout blinds
  • Infra-red motorised solar screens
  • Eclipse blackout blinds
  • Semi transmission dimout blinds
  • Standard & shaped venetian blinds
  • Roman blinds
  • Marine window wipers
  • Insect prevention screens
  • Bridge Navigation Watch Alarm Systems (BNWAS)

Solarglide anti-glare solar screens

Solarglide - Anti Glare Solar Screen
SOLARGLIDE™ anti-glare solar screens provide a simple, cost effective solution to problems occurred from glare on navigation windows. The SOLARGLIDE™ is a fully retractable solar screen that reduces glare by up to 93%, rejects up to 83% of solar energy and almost entirely eliminates UV radiation. The mariner benefits by having a clear view in all conditions of solar glare.

Marine Window Films

Solarglide Marine Window Films
The Reflective silver range offers the maximum heat rejection for internally applied solar control films. These films are an ideal solution for combating severe solar heat gains and glare problems whilst at sea. Benefits include daytime one-way privacy, ultra violet filtering and lightening the load on air conditioning units. They also help to alleviate the discomfort caused by excessive heat and glare reflections on computers, TV screens and marine equipment.

Eclipse Blackout Screens for Non-Navigation Windows

Solarglide Marine Window Films
Eclipse™ screens provide complete blackout from the sun's rays and are ideal for accommodation and aft areas of your vessel or rig (crew and passenger cabins). They reduce glare and solar energy by 100%, completely eliminating UV radiation. The blackout material is fully flame retardant and available in a series of colours to match any interior. All profiles are white powder coated - available with or without side channels.

Astral Safety Window Films

Solarglide Marine Window Films
Astral safety films are designed to make glass safer, by strengthening it against breakage and by helping to hold dangerous shards of shattered glass together in one mass, in situations where breakage occurs.