Martek Marine - BNWAS, Gas Detection Systems, Emissions Monitoring and Water Ingress Detection

Martek Marine Ltd are world leaders in the manufacture of safety and environmental emissions monitoring systems for the global marine industry. Martek Marine's products include BNWAS systems, Fixed Gas Detection Systems, Emissions Monitoring Systems, Marine Defibrillators and Water Ingress Detection Systems.

Martek Marine

Bridge Navigation Watch Alarm System (BNWAS)

Martek Marine - Navgard BNWAS System

Navgard™ is a Bridge Navigational Watch Alarm System (BNWAS) specifically designed to comply with SOLAS Regulation V/19 as amended by MSC.282(86) requiring a BNWAS to be installed on all new and existing ships. The system also meets the requirements of the performance standards set out by MSC.128(75) & IEC 62616.

MM5001 - Ballast Tank Gas Detection System

MM5001 - Ballast Tank Gas Detection System

The new MM5001 is one of the world's most advanced ballast tank gas detection systems, with an ultra-reliable PLC controller that provides huge performance advantages over the dated circuit board technology used by the vast majority of competing systems. The MM5001™ system is designed to give early warning (at the bridge, cargo control room, or other manned spaces) of the presence of gas so that you can take preventative action.

MM2000 - ISGOTT Accommodation A/C Inlet Gas Detection System

MM2000 ISGOTT A/C Inlet Gas Detection System

The new 5th Edition of ISGOTT was published in 2006 and systems are now being installed throughout the world's tanker fleets by operators who don't want to be penalised when competing for oil major charters. MM2000™ is an intelligent addressable gas detection system that is ideally suited to this duty with duct mounted flammable gas detectors simply mounted on the inlet and the control panel located in the cargo control room (CCR).

MM2000 - Cargo Pump Room Gas Detection System

MM2000 Cargo Pump Room Gas Detection System

SOLAS Chapter II – 2 Regulation 5.10.1 ‘Protection of cargo pump-rooms’ is a mandatory regulation applies to cargo pump room safety on all types of tankers that carry cargoes with a flashpoint of below 60°C. The regulations call for hydrocarbon gas detection within the pump room in order to detect leaks, with alarm set points at no more than 10% LEL.

MM2000 - Refrigerant Gas Leak Detection System

MM2000 Refrigerant Gas Detection System

Leaking refrigerant gas from your air conditioning or refrigerant units can result in un-necessary expense due to using too much gas and also cause damage to the environment.

MM2000™ is an intelligent addressable gas detection system designed to provide refrigerant gas detection on ships under MARPOL Annex VI Regulation 12-Ozone Depleting Substances 5.5 Leak Monitoring Systems.

MariNox - Marine Engine Emissions Monitoring

Marinox Marine Emmissions Monitoring System

MariNOx™ is the world's first Type Approved (LR) on-board NOx, CO2, SOx & engine efficiency monitoring system providing the simplest solution for compliance with Annex VI of MARPOL, 'The NOx Technical Code' and MEPC.103(49).

The system provides monitoring of exhaust gases and engine/ambient parameters to calculate NOx emissions and enables continuous optimisation of engine performance to deliver fuel savings of up to 4%, providing rapid return on investment.

Vigilant - Funnel Smoke Monitoring System

Vigilant - Funnel Smoke Monitoring System

The Vigilant™ Funnel Smoke Monitoring System measures optical opacity in exhaust stacks to record and help control smoke emissions from marine diesel engines, boilers and incinerators. Using a single pass (transmitter/receiver) arrangement the system records an opacity reading from 0-100%.

Bulksafe - Water Ingress Detection System

Bulksafe Water Ingress Detection System

Bulksafe™ is a permanent ship's hold water ingress detection system (WIDS) for bulk carriers fully type approved in accordance with SOLAS XII Regulation 12, IACS UR S24, IMO performance standard for water level detectors & IACS UI SC180. The system comprises of a central Bulksafe™ control and alarm panel interfacing with intrinsically safe MMS900 water level detectors installed in each compartment.

Vecsafe - Inert Gas Oxygen & Pressure Monitoring System

Martek Vecsafe Vapour Emission Control System

Vecsafe™ monitors inert gas oxygen and pressure levels in the Vapour Emission Control Systems (VECS). Each vapour line is monitored during loading operations for any over or under pressurisation or an increase in oxygen levels approaching 8% volume in compliance with USCG and IMO legislation

Sentry - Cargo Tank Pressure Monitoring System

Sentry - Tank Pressure Monitoring System

Sentry™ is a cargo tank pressure monitoring system designed in compliance with IMO Regulation 59, SOLAS Regulation II 6.3.2, providing an early warning of under/over pressurisation in cargo tanks.

Centurion - High Level/Overfill Alarm System

Centurion - High Level / Overfill Alarm System

Centurion™ is a high level & overfill alarm system designed in compliance with USCG & IMO requirements for tank ships.

Electrically independent alarm systems for both 95% & 98% tank levels are housed in the Centurion™ controller in the cargo control room.

Level detection is carried out by MM500™ stainless steel float switches which are offered in either dual or single (overfill) versions. Optionally we offer the MM502™ ultra sonic switch, which has no moving parts and is also available in dual or single versions.

Lifeforce - Marine Automated External Defibrillator (AED)

Lifeforce - Automatic External Defibrillator

Lifeforce™ is simple to use by any crew member and provides the only chance of survival for a victim of sudden cardiac arrest onboard a ship. In an independent study, Lifeforce™ was found to be quicker and more successful to use than any of the other leading AEDs tested.

Clear verbal and visual instructions guide your crew through each step of the rescue. Combine this with the bright oversized buttons and an unintimidating design and you have the equipment to go through the process of saving a life.

Lifeforce™ automatically detects when defibrillation is required, ensuring that treatment is only delivered when needed.