CRE Technology - Genset Paralleling and Marine Power Management Systems

CRE Technology

CRE Technology provides electronic solutions in control, protection and paralleling of auxiliary engines / generators. Their product lines include voltage regulators, engine monitoring systems, auto-start systems, generator control systems, synchroscopes, synchronisers, battery chargers and power management systems.

CRE Technology

CRE Technology Products Include:-

  • Battery Chargers
  • Voltage Regulators
  • Power Metering
  • Magnetic Pickups
  • Generator Control Systems
  • Auto Transfer Switches
  • Auto Mains Failure Units
  • Auto Start Units
  • Engine Monitoring Systems
  • Generator Control Systems
  • Synchroscopes
  • Mains Paralleling
  • Power Management Systems

GENSYS 2 - All in one paralleling unit for marine applications

GENSYS Auxiliary Generator Set Management System


Auxiliary generating set power management with BV & LR Marine certification

  • Tie breaker control
  • Heavy consumer management
  • Load dependent start/stop
  • Pre-alarm starts
  • Auto/semi-auto/manual mode
  • Compatible with AMF systems
  • Shore synchro compatible
  • Automatic mains failure control
  • Engine start/stop, control and protections
  • Generator control and protections
  • Mechanical parameters visualization
  • Synchronisation with other generators
  • Synchronization with mains
  • KW load sharing and control
  • KVAR load sharing and control

C2S Synchronisation and Safety Column

C2S Synchroscope

Synchronisation and Safety Column to control the paralleling of two alternating power sources.

Microprocessor based module, this generation C2S integrates all visualisation and control for paralleling of a generator to a bus bar: 
- Visualization of phase, frequency and voltage difference
- Paralleling authorisation safety relay is checking these three parameters

This version does not require an external DC power supply.

Compact Series Battery Charger

CRE Compact Series Battery Charger

The compact series battery chargers are designed to provide a constant voltage to the batteries with a permanent connection ad maximum efficiency.

- Short circuit
- Overload
- Overvoltage
- Over Temperature