Mimic Panels and Control Panels Design, Assembly and Sale

Design of Mimic Panels, Mosaic Panels, Alarm Annunciator Panels and Indicator / Gauge Panels.

We are able to design, assemble and commission all types of control panels / mimic panels, and their associated control circuits. This could be a simple alarm annunciator panel, through to a complex Fire & Gas control/shutdown system.

Our in-house engineering team offer design of your mimic panels utilising the latest Computer Aided Design software and CNC engraving system ensures that displays can be manufactured as per your specifications with a quick delivery time and competitive price.

We are able to offer engraving typically on Traffolyte, Acrylic, Aluminium, Brass, perspex and screen printing on Stainless Steel or any other materials. These designs could be simple name tags, to complex mimic diagrams.

Stainless Steel Plate - Screen Printing

Mimic Panels manufactured from Acrylic Sheet and composite Board

Reverse Engraved Acrylic

Engraving on a traffolyte board is carried out on the top surface and can only be a single colour. In reverse engraving, a special laminate is used. It is engraved as a 'mirror image' on the rear of the laminate and then filled with colour fillers. The working side of the mimic panel will be flat and the mimic can be kept clean simply by wiping it with a non-abrasive cloth. This type of engraving is especially useful in the food and beverage industries (for hygienic reasons), however is ideal for any application where colour is required.

Sample Reverse Engraved Mimic Diagrams:

Cargo Control Mimic

This is a sample CAD diagram for a Cargo Control Console mimic in 1:1 scale.

Click here to see the scale version

Ballast Control Console Mimic

This is a sample CAD diagram for a Ballast Water Control Console mimic in 1:1 scale.

Click here to see the scale version

Cargo Control Room mimic panel for FSO Africa

Control Panel Design and Assembly

In addition to the above mimic panels, our engineering department offers design of the associated control systems. This could be simple relay based control systems or more complex PLC based control systems.

Control Panel Design and Assembly

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