Control Panels, Distribution Boards, Pump Starters

Design and Assembly of Control Panels, Distribution Boards, Pump Starters

Designing of Control Cabinets

We design, assemble, install and commission all types of control panels and distribution boards, pump motor starter panels, alarm panels and general control & automation panels.

This could be based on the clients design and engineering drawings, or we could provide the initial feasibility studies, preparation of cause & effect documentation, engineering, construction, installation and commissioning of control panels and systems.

Our team of engineers are familiar with the various class requirements and international engineering standards and practices. We utilise the latest design tools and are able to provide engineering drawings in AutoCAD or Adobe PDF formats.

Bespoke Pipe Rupture System
High Expansion Foam System Modifications

Ocean Automation Solutions are able to provide simple alarm annunciator panels through to complex Fire & Gas control/shutdown systems.

<<< We have designed several bespoke systems for our clients. Examples of this include a Pipe Rupture System which monitors the pressure of an offshore umbilical connection and raises an alarm in the event of a sudden pressure loss.

Another example is a PLC based system on an LNG vessel which monitors the position of the cargo valves during an emergency shutdown (ESD) in order to determine the root cause of the ESD..

Inert Gas Generator Control System

>>> Other projects include the design, engineering, construction and installation / commissioning of a replacement Inert Gas Generator Control System for the vessel LNG Edo.

This system was recently fitted and commissioned in a shipyard in Spain.


<<< Extension of the High Expansion Foam System of a series of FSO's in Drydocks World - Dubai. This included the design of additional control cabinets for 28 new foam extinguishers, and a series of remote operated mimic panels.
The complete system was re-engineered to interface with a remote operated mimic panels which were installed in the wheelhouse and cargo control room. From these locations, the system can be monitored and activated in the event that a confirmed fire has been detected.

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