Health and Safety - Drills with Dubai Civil Defence

QHSE - Fire Drill at Ocean Automation Solutions in the United Arab Emirates

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Ocean Automation Solutions are pleased to have carried out a mock fire drill with the department of Civil Defence, Dubai Ambulance Service and the Dubai Police. This drill involved the rescue of 'injured' staff members who were asked to remain in strategic locations within the premises, and the extinguising of the mock fire.

The fire alarm system was activated and all other staff members evacuated the premises and waited at their muster points.

The Dubai Police, followed by the Ambulance Service and Fire Department arrived within minutes.

Dubai Civil Defence at Ocean Automation Solutions

The staff members were "rescued" from the premises and the mock fire was extinguished.

Once the drill was completed, Ocean Automation Solutions staff received training from the department of Civil Defence on the use of the different types of fire extinguishers. Staff members then had an opportunity to operate each of the fire extinguishers.

Ocean Automation Solutions would like to thank the department of Civil Defence for the opportunity to carry out these drills. These results of these drills have been incorporated into our HSE System.

Dubai Civil Defense After the Mock Fire was extinguished   Dubai Civil Defense - Fire Truck
Ocean Automation Staff during Mock Rescue    Ocean Automation Solutions during Mock Rescue

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